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Update 2022-0816

So what's new?

Thanks to those who do take the time to poke around here, I am starting to get a few views on the website.

I need to do massive editing and rewrites. Of course, looking through my eye-floaters is always fun.

Work is being done on CrossWorlds 2 along with Crixi Fantasy, we the tentative title of Birth Rite. A synopsis is that 50 years have passed since Ka'Azalin visited Ra's Realm. Ka'Azalin has matured. The focus of the new story is a rescue quest. Both Khebichet and Magnus get captured by the demonic faction known as the Twisted Spire. Ka'Azalin, Sha'ni, and Drogo go deep into the Shadow Veil to the Twisted Spires fortress.

Other projects include more content for Book 4, Ka'Azalin Goddess of Chains. Slow going, but progress is being made.

Book 2, "Katalina, Goddess of the Pit" > Part 2, "Rude Interruptions," is going through editing. The rough outline is complete, and the first edits should be posted shortly on Inkitt. I will be setting them up here for Members first.

Manifestations 2072 is a newer story series. I tried to work on Amazon Kindle, I will be removing the stories down shortly. They will be repackaged for Inkitt and Amazon Books when enough material is ready. I would like to thank Gwen Thames for her edits, as always thank you.

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