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Updates and Planning

Restructuring - again.

Taking a cue from Mr. Will Nuessile, Don't have your main character wake up not knowing much. Save it for the second book :). With the restructuring of the stories in the series, moving around different episodes becomes easier. Now I have created a road map to follow and hopefully be able to write it before I disappear from the face of the earth and return to God's graces.

I have decided to move some of my posts from Inkitt to a personal Blog. This way, I can post more pictures and bits and parts here in my personal space.

Reforged and Chains of the Heart Update

As I am making a road map of adventures to right up over the next year (wow, I am planning), I have More changes and counts to come. It looks like I will reshuffle the deck, Book 3, Reforged! and Chains of the Heart will be merged back together, will make it slightly larger than Book 1, Will contain 6 acts, and comes to a cliffhanger ending. I will repost the single acts. This change will reduce my book count by 1.

Jerilith's Guide to Thanonal

A work in progress will provide detailed notes of the characters, locations, and fun facts about the world. In addition,


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