Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal

A world broken by the gods. An ancient weapon is reforged into that of a demon, a creature that can capture the souls of the gods, she just does not know it yet. 

Andrea Wellington's body is reshaped into that of a succubus, a creature that can hold souls, and reforged with an old god Katalina, the Mother of Monsters. Together they will hunt down the gods that destroyed their world.

This series is a Dark Fantasy Adventure, not an erotica piece. Monsters, Demons, Heros, Magic, and soul searching with a touch of a twisted romance.  This is the monster's side of the coin, not necessarily the hero's tale.

Vol. 1


Vol. 2

Master & Servant

Vol. 3

Chains of the Heart

Yes the books are free to read until such a time they are good enough for prime time. 

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Atlas of Thanonal