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Support Me!

If you want to support me, I got a couple of ways. Right now, I got two series on Kindle Vella purchase a few Keys and read a chapter. The first three chapters are FREE! Links below.

Kindle Vella

These are the Current Series available. 


Case 01: "Case of the Bone Freak"

Case 02: "Case of the Crazy Karens"

Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal

Book 5


Varriss, Clara and the Skyweaver

Varriss, Clara, Tamin and John flee from the now city of the dead, Cormanworth. Being hunted by both the Celestia Gods and dark demonic forces they find a unlikely alley in the form of a former goddess known as the Skyweaver. Together with her husband they set out on a quest to bring balance back to the world.

Fight or Flight

It is the year 2072, Earth is a world of science and now magic. Every two thousand years, like clockwork the reality of science gets thrown out the window as magic roars to life like the tides of the sea. In 2012 magic returned in a raging storm across the world. The first manifestation came in the form of Binders, people who could bind spirits to their bodies, creating powers that no mortal had possessed. It is now believed these Binders were the gods of legend, like Zeus with his ability to throw lighting bolts. There’s more to it than that, always is. Worlds collide when Sean is bound to K, a mysterious sentient spirit. A dark force has begun manifesting on Earth. Who will be there to stop these dark manifestations?

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